Australia’s largest supplier of certified engineered bamboo and rattan.

Our beautiful new bamboo decking lasts much longer – so too will the world’s tropical rainforests.

Introducing sustainably sourced, DassoXTR fused bamboo decking from the House of Bamboo. As the fastest growing plant on earth, bamboo is ready for use within 5 years of planting, making it one of the most sustainable plants on earth.

The Pyrmont – 233 Harris Street, Pyrmont Sydney – 11th April 2022. The Smart Green Apartments programme is a scheme designed by the City of Sydney to improve the cost-effectiveness and environmental performance of apartment buildings. Roof top garden upgrade at The Pyrmont. Photo by Katherine Griffiths

Now thanks to this new form of bamboo decking you can enjoy its natural beauty and charm instead of relying on imported rainforest timbers that may come from illegally logged sources. Using our bamboo decking also saves Australian native timbers from being cut down in our precious local forests.

DassoXTR Fused Bamboo Decking

Twice as hard as Merbau and equally as fire-resistant as all the leading decking timbers in Australia, Dasso fused bamboo decking is far superior to any other form of bamboo decking that has previously been available in Australia. Blessed with warm beautiful natural tones that have made timber decks so popular in Australia, you’ll love DassoXTR fused bamboo decking. The unique patented process unlocks the inherent natural strength of bamboo by double treating bamboo fibres, then mixing them with the same resin that makes bowling balls. The result is tough, durable decking with all the warmth, colour and natural appeal of timber but without the environmental destruction that accompanies it.

Fused bamboo decking will not leach like other decking timbers and is virtually impervious to mould, rot and insects. Dasso decking is also incredibly dimensionally stable, so it will not “cup” or “twist” like other timbers can. Unlike precious Australian native timbers, bamboo decking is knot-free, giving you a smooth consistent looking deck with clean modern lines. The decking is installed using unique secret fixings that mean no exposed nail or screw heads will spoil the look of your deck. The exclusive tongue and groove end board design means they can be locked together without having to be joined on a joist. So, there is virtually no waste. You use all the product you buy.

Dasso fused bamboo decking is rated to BAL 29 (Bushfire Attack Level 29) which means it can withstand ember attack and burning debris ignited by wind borne embers and radiant heat up to high risk levels. Making it the perfect decking material for Australian homes, especially those close to bushfire risk areas. Already some 60 million sqm of this beautiful bamboo decking has been installed around the world. Dasso decking comes in 1.8 metre lengths and is ribbed on one side for non-slip installations or smooth on the other. You can install it either way. They also come pre-oiled with premium Woca Oil for fast and easy DIY installation.  

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