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Jennifer‘s design flair and technical understanding of bamboo leads her to constantly develop new innovative applications for the material. 

House of Bamboo® is Australia’s leading supplier of bamboo and natural materials. 

With over 50 years of commitment to sustainability in Australia, we have extensive experience in sustainable indoor and outdoor design solutions. Our products are ethically sourced, thoughtfully designed and competitively priced. Our wide range of organic, textured and engineered bamboo products are perfect for your screening, decking, flooring, cladding, fencing and shading needs.

We always have, and always will ensure we understand your requirements to deliver design solutions tailor-made to your projects. Much more than a supplier of off-the-shelf products, we specialise in bespoke projects and can custom make anything you envision. From backyards and apartments to resorts and retail, no project is too small or too big. Our passion for bamboo and sustainability drives us to go above and beyond, from your brief to your feedback. We are often presented with complex designs and thrive on finding solutions that suit both style and budget.

For decades, we have worked with homeowners, designers, landscapers and architects to provide sustainable building materials and we now look forward to working with you next.

Our Story

Jennifer and Mark Snyders.

Our story begins in 1972.

Mark Snyders started importing natural products from South East Asia as a hobby. He believed these materials were perfectly suited to the Australian climate and lifestyle. A visionary who sourced his products from small villages, Mark helped many to become the self-sufficient communities they are today. 

After studying architecture, Jennifer realised bamboo’s untapped potential was a game changer for the building industry. She joined the business and developed it into the innovative brand it is today. 

As CEO, she continues to push the boundaries of what bamboo can do, cementing House of Bamboo® as the key player in the industry. She champions the principles of a circular economy and campaigns to make bamboo the new timber.

“By choosing bamboo, you are helping support sustainable construction practices, preserve our environment and improve biodiversity. In a time where our decisions and actions matter more than ever, House of Bamboo®’s mission is to facilitate this choice by providing elegant and sustainable design solutions.” 

Jennifer Snyders

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