Australia’s largest supplier of certified engineered bamboo and rattan.

Product Stewardship Policy & Lifecycle Management Plan

House of Bamboo® and our partners are committed to responsible lifecycle management. We standby the core principles of product stewardship and extended producer responsibility. As a supplier of Engineered and Laminated Bamboo, House of Bamboo® understands that corporate, social and environmental responsibility goes beyond the point of sale and warranty periods. In conjunction with our manufacturing partners and suppliers, we will accept used and pre-loved House of Bamboo® Engineered and Laminated products for repurposing or ethical disposal.

1. Short Growth Cycle

Bamboo has an extremely fast lifecycle of around five to seven years, and after harvesting, bamboo roots continue to regrow shoots.

This means bamboo plantations are highly effective in fighting soil erosion and as they don’t require harsh pesticides or chemicals, bamboo plantings can help to reduce toxins in the surrounding soil and waterways. This, in turn, allows us to support the ongoing lifecycle of our crops, as well as the local communities who create our beautiful products. 

2. Engineered Bamboo Manufacturing

Our Engineered and Laminated Bamboo products follow strict FSC guidelines and we adhere to the practices of the Green Building Council of Australia. We make sure our products are of the highest quality and are made specifically from the bamboo we select, using the resins or binding agents we require. 

We ensure that our harvests and production are not rushed, as we understand that can result in a weak and inferior product.

3. Twenty Year Life Expectancy

By investing in House of Bamboo® products, you are choosing high-quality materials that will withstand the extremities of the Australian climate. Buying from House of Bamboo® means you can expect a 20-year life expectancy for our Engineered and Laminated ranges when treated and maintained with care.

Our Product Stewardship Program offers a variety of sustainable reinvestment opportunities to ensure our products do not impact landfill.

Product Collection

Should you wish to remove any of our Engineered and Laminated Bamboo products during renovation, or if they have come to the end of their life, simply contact us. Depending on your location, your bamboo can be collected or returned to the House of Bamboo® to ensure it is treated correctly.

Resold or Refurbished

If the bamboo product is still usable, but cannot be reused in its current condition, we will refurbish it. This can then be on sold or donated to organisations in need.

Returned to the Earth

Should your Engineered and Laminated Bamboo product be at the end of its lifecycle, we can disassemble any non-organic component and/or materials for safe disposal. We will then ensure these products are recycled by approved operators and recycling companies, while the bamboo product is returned to the earth where it will decompose safely.

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