Australia’s largest supplier of certified engineered bamboo and rattan.

Our Mission

Since the beginning in 1972, we have been firm believers in the power of bamboo to revolutionize architecture and interior design for the better. Bamboo is the only material that can sustain responsible construction in the long term.

Natural resources, especially timber, are disappearing at an alarming rate but bamboo is the fastest growing material on the planet, ready to harvest in 5 to 7 years as opposed to 30 to 80 years for trees. It is self-regenerating, produces 35% more oxygen and captures up to 4 times more carbon than the same amount of trees.

We have a simple but noble goal. To help build a sustainable future, right here in Australia, utilising native bamboo species. We make no secret of our dream to create a true circular economy.

We are strong advocates for a circular economy in which we do not take, make and waste but take, make and reuse. This is why we only work with natural materials that can be returned to the soil at the end of their life cycle and do not use any plastics in our products.

By choosing bamboo, you are helping us achieve our goals to support sustainable construction, restore our environment and improve world biodiversity.

How do we find creative ways to use bamboo, explore its varied possibilities, change its perception as a poor man’s material and showcase its advantages and technology relevant to contemporary life?

Kan Ming-Ua – National Organizing Committee Chair, World Bamboo Congress 

The Benefits of Bamboo

House of Bamboo