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Got a question about the bamboo, rattan and any of the other products we sell? Or maybe just a query about bamboo itself?

Things like – how do I maintain bamboo to keep it looking at its best for longer? How long can I expect my bamboo fence, privacy screen or decking to last?

Or you might like to know practical things like – can I get my bamboo products delivered? How do I store them on-site? Can you install them for me?

Whatever your question, we have answers.

How does specifying natural materials like bamboo in your projects help minimize the impact on the planet and its resources?

In your projects, you are actively minimizing the impact on the environment by choosing bamboo products. Bamboo is a fast-growing, renewable resource that significantly reduces deforestation, allowing more time for trees to grow.

Additionally, our bamboo products are ethically sourced and manufactured, further contributing to sustainability. As bamboo grows, it captures large amounts of CO2, which helps combat climate change and promote a healthier planet.

What type of maintenance is required for organic bamboo and your natural materials?

Any ‘natural material’ e.g. the leather of shoes or handbags, when exposed to the outdoor elements will be affected in some way.

The material may dry out and appear grey, crack or in some instances attract mould (due to bamboo’s high starch content) and turn ‘black’ when regularly exposed to rain.

This can be prevented in most cases, with regular and proper maintenance. Most importantly fading and cracking does not impact on the integrity of the material.

Organic Bamboo maintenance

Many people love the silvery-grey colour which happens naturally in timbers and bamboo over time. You can delay the greying process or completely restore colour using our specially formulated bamboo protector and rejuvenator. As with any outdoor product, maintenance on a regular basis is recommended.

Natureed® maintenance

Natureed® naturally fades over time with exposure to sunlight. We recommend the application of Sikkens decking oil in teak or oak if you wish to maintain the original colour.

What type of maintenance is required for engineered bamboo materials?

All exterior building materials require cleaning and maintenance, the frequency will depend on orientation and climate. Maintenance will directly affect the lifespan of the material.

If cutting engineered bamboo during installation, exposed ends should be sealed immediately. Our product is pre-oiled with Woca Oil.

The appearance and colour of bamboo (like timber) may change depending on the extent of UV light exposed to the material. We recommended cleaning and application of Woca Oil to ensure the rich vibrant colours of your bamboo are retained. Frequency of maintenance will depend on exposure to the sun and appearance of mould spores. Flat surfaces are more prone to irregularities in the surface but this may be reduced by oiling and sealing 1-2 times per year.

How should I store my bamboo materials?

Bamboo is a natural material and proper care should be taken during handling and storage.

Co-ordinate material delivery for just-in-time installation. Materials should be stored indoors, if possible, in a well-ventilated area. If storing externally ensure material is on a flat surface that is raised at least 150mm off the ground and the surface is dry, even ground that does not hold water. Cover the materials with a waterproof wrap that allows air circulation around the bamboo to prevent a buildup of moisture under the cover. When the wrap is opened, it should be opened in such a manner that prevents rain penetration and encourages drainage and drying. Do not allow water to pool on the wrap. Inspect materials regularly to prevent moisture accumulation. Prolonged wetting of engineered bamboo may cause staining and mould.

Are House of Bamboo® materials suitable for DIY projects?

Most of our products can be used for DIY projects but we recommend talking to our Design Consultants first to discuss installation requirements.

Can House of Bamboo® assist in installation of their materials?

Yes, House of Bamboo® can arrange for installation in the Sydney area for most project applications.

If we are required to dig or excavate on your site, you must provide us with information about the location and depth of underground cables, pipes and other essential services. We will not be liable for any damage caused if this documentation is not available prior to commencement of installation.

Can House of Bamboo® materials be shipped to my home?

We ship throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Does bamboo split and is there a way to prevent that from happening?

Bamboo is a natural product and a feature of bamboo is that it may occasionally split or crack. Please note that splitting and cracking does not change the structural characteristics of bamboo and is more common in larger poles than in smaller poles.

How is Natureed® different from similar products?

Handmade from the finest quality water reeds, Natureed® contains up to 50% more reeds than similar products. We are proud to be the exclusive supplier of genuine Natureed® across Australia. 

What are the typical substrates that House of Bamboo® materials screen and clad?

House of Bamboo® materials are used to clad paling and metal fences, wire mesh, lattice, brushwood fences, brick and concrete walls, garage walls, above ground pools, rain water tanks, pool filters, air conditioners and deck and pool surrounds.

They are used for shading and cooling varied roofing structures and outdoor areas.

Does bamboo decking become uncomfortably hot during the summer months?

No, bamboo decking does not become excessively hot in the summer, as it shares similar properties with high-quality timber decking options like Merbau.

Unlike composite decking, which can become very hot due to the plastic content, bamboo decking maintains a comfortable temperature. As a natural material, bamboo is an ideal choice for decking projects, providing both comfort and sustainability.

Do bamboo battens twist or warp?

No, unlike timber battens, wood warping does not happen with bamboo. House of Bamboo® bamboo battens are manufactured in a way that prevents them from warping or twisting when exposed to moisture, sunlight, or over time. As a result, bamboo offers a stable and durable alternative to traditional wood materials.

Can I stain rattan, and are there any important considerations when doing so?

Yes, you can stain rattan, and it holds stain beautifully. However, it is important to consider that rattan, as a natural material, has two distinct sides. The outer surface is naturally glazed and does not absorb stain as effectively. The inner side, on the other hand, has open pores that readily take up the stain.

To achieve the best results, focus on staining the inner side of the rattan, as the outer glazed surface may not hold the stain as well or might require additional preparation before staining.

What is the largest area I can install rattan in, and can I have 2-meter size rattan doors, considering its flexible nature?

Rattan is indeed a flexible and somewhat soft material that requires proper support to maintain a taut appearance. For best results, it is recommended to install support brackets every 600mm (approximately 24 inches) to prevent any sagging or waviness in the rattan. While you can have 2-meter size rattan doors, it is essential to include enough support brackets along the door’s height to ensure a perfectly tight and well-installed appearance.

Can I install a one-piece wall cladding in a 4-meter high staircase area or an area with high ceilings?

Yes, you can install House of Bamboo cladding in areas with high ceilings, including staircases. Our cladding panels are available in one-piece lengths of up to 5800mm (approximately 19 feet), and our battens seamlessly create a continuous, beautiful look. These panels and battens are ideal for staircase cladding and other areas with tall or double-height ceilings, ensuring a stunning and cohesive appearance in your space.

Can you deliver to Western Australia or the Northern Territory?

Absolutely, we are pleased to offer delivery services not only within Australia, including Western Australia and the Northern Territory, but also internationally.
We strive to make our high-quality products accessible to customers in various locations.
This ensures that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful aesthetics and sustainable benefits of House of Bamboo® products.

Can I get a refund?

All our products are natural materials and variations in colour occur due to harvest conditions. For our full refund and returns policy, please read our Terms & Conditions.

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