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Harder than most timber alternatives and free from plastic, our bamboo flooring and decking come ready to install over concrete, tiles or timber and can withstand scratches and heavy foot traffic.


From organic to contemporary, find a design that matches your taste


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Bamboo is sustainability at its best, highly renewable and biodegradable


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Our bamboo flooring and decking solutions

Bamboo provides a sustainable alternative to traditional timber flooring and decking.

Look forward to beautiful summer days outdoors with our popular bamboo decking.

Available in two colours (Cognac and Espresso), our bamboo decking is ready to install and enjoy thanks to a smart system of clips that require no glue or nails. 

Harder than oak and lighter than maple, bamboo flooring is a durable and sustainable alternative to timber.

Browse our different colour options and get in touch with our Design Consultants for a quote.

Our Mission


Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials in the world. It is fast growing, self-regenerating, produces 35% more oxygen and captures up to 4 times more carbon than the equivalent number of trees. 

By choosing bamboo, you are helping us achieve our goals to support sustainable construction, restore our environment and improve world biodiversity. 

Decking & Flooring


Engineered bamboo flooring and decking is not only twice as hard as hardwoods, it is also a much more sustainable choice. Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than the same number of trees and is ready to harvest in five years compared with up to eighty years for some hardwood species.

Designed for outdoor use, our Dasso bamboo decking is non-slip, termite resistant and is not prone to twisting or warping. With BAL 29, a Fire Rating Class 3, a Janka hardness rating twice that of Merbau and a 25 year warranty this fused bamboo decking offers guarantees durability and peace of mind. Distinct from timber composites, it is guaranteed plastic free.

Our engineered bamboo flooring has an impressive Janka hardness of 15.0, harder than most timber flooring, making it extremely durable and stable. Sourced from sustainable and carefully managed forests, it is ideal for high traffic areas in busy family homes. You will also be spoilt for choice when it comes to colours: coffee bamboo flooring, dark bamboo flooring, black bamboo flooring, grey bamboo flooring or natural bamboo flooring, the choice is yours.

Our designer bamboo flooring and decking come ready to install over concrete, tiles or other timber. Bamboo flooring and bamboo decking do not require toxic glues or nails, as they use patented locking systems. Pre-finished, they are ready to install without the need to sand.

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