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Compliant Pool Fencing Solutions

Choose a style in the menu below and browse our different materials to find the perfect fit for your project.

Explore our SeaChange Series® of engineered bamboo battens, available in screens or individual battens.

Our SeaChange Series® comprises five different batten designs named after Australia’s iconic beaches (Cottesloe, Torquay, Noosa, Sapphire and Sorrento) and a range of room partitions (Silhouette).

Browse our Symphony Series, an elegant range of screening solutions including slatted cladding and fine ribbed cladding.

Our engineered bamboo received the two highest certifications delivered by Global GreenTag: GreenRate Level A and Platinum Health Rating, guaranteeing sustainable manufacturing practices and non-toxicity.


Incredibly versatile, Natureed® can be used for cladding, shading, fencing or screening.

Fit for any use, whether indoors or outdoors and extremely lightweight, Natureed® can easily be attached to existing structures or used alone to filter the harsh summer sun while allowing ventilation.

Natureed® contains up to 50% more reeds than other products you can find on the market and we are proud to be the exclusive supplier of genuine Natureed® across Australia. 

Natureed® is used as a cladding material over an existing fence to assist with height difference and minimizing footholds. We recommend checking with your local council before deciding on a material. 

Whether used around a pool or as a room divider inside, bamboo screens add a touch of natural elegance to any space.

Bamboo screens are used as a cladding material over an existing fence to assist with height difference and minimizing footholds. Our bamboo screens come in various sizes and are available in three colours (natural, tonkin and black) to fit every style and budget. We recommend checking with your local council before deciding on a material. 

Compliant Bamboo Pool Fencing

Are you building a new pool and need a boundary fence that meets new pool fence regulations? Adding a pool to an existing yard or new build adds value to your home, but finding compliant fencing that look spectacular can be a challenge.

Selling your home can be stressful. Let us help you by providing a compliant bamboo pool fencing solution which will pass your Council’s compliance requirements.

Every Australian State and Territory imposes minimum height standards for pool and adjoining fencing. Achieving pool certification in line with these new laws can be straightforward, thanks to our comprehensive range of pool fencing and screening solutions.

Our bamboo fencing options breathe new life into your pool area, transforming boundary fences to meet necessary safety regulations around pools. In doing so, you will extend the lifespan of your pool and maximise your investment.

All our engineered bamboo fencing solutions are free from footholds giving you peace of mind that your pool will meet boundary fencing certification requirements. They are the perfect cladding material, exclusively designed by House of Bamboo to either cover existing fencing to eliminate any footholds, or to raise the existing fence to the required height for pool certification.

Bamboo rod screens and Natureed are not intended to be standalone structures; they are designed to be used as an add-on to existing fences to create a non-climbable surface, providing a no foothold solution for pool boundary certification. These are simple, cost-effective solutions for meeting pool safety requirements, but it’s crucial to consult your certifier before making any changes to ensure compliance with local regulations.

There’s no need to construct expensive new boundary fencing to obtain pool certification. Simply utilise any of our bamboo cladding solutions to create a non-climbable surface and let our design consultants guide you on how to increase the height of your old, non-compliant fence.

Our Mission

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials in the world. It is fast growing, self-regenerating, produces 35% more oxygen and captures up to 4 times more carbon than the equivalent number of trees. 

By choosing bamboo, you are helping us achieve our goals to support sustainable construction, restore our environment and improve world biodiversity. 

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