Australia’s largest supplier of certified engineered bamboo and rattan.

Textured / Handmade Collection

For a natural but delicate finish, look no further than woven bamboo and rattan. Detailed and subtle, they will bring your walls, ceilings and cabinetry to life.


From organic to contemporary, find a design that matches your taste


Beautifully designed, rigorously tested and made to last


Bamboo is sustainability at its best, highly renewable and biodegradable


Our products are our passion, driving us to go above and beyond

Textured / Handmade Products

Select from our different materials to find the perfect fit for your project.

With over 15 styles to choose from, our range of rattan and cane webbing is one of the richest in Australia

Handcrafted from the finest materials, our rattan is of the highest quality and is trusted by many architects and designers in Australia.

A great alternative to rattan, woven panels are not only beautiful but also practical due to their acoustic qualities.

Handmade by expert craftsmen and women in small rural communities in South East Asia, our woven bamboo panels come in more than 10 different patterns.

Textured Collection

Our textured range is specially crafted to deliver a luxury natural look that synthetic products just can’t provide.

Designed to bring warmth and depth to any space, our range of bamboo products can be used on wall cladding, ceiling paneling, and cabinetry to create the perfect mix of functionality and organic design.


No longer just for patio furniture, rattan is taking over as a luxury texture for interior home accents. Rattan webbing, also known as cane webbing, adapts to all sorts of styles, including coastal, boho and can be easily painted for a contemporary look.

This hardy and versatile material is traditionally used in chairs, joinery and bedheads, but is now also being specified by designers and architects in ceilings, shading, wall panels and privacy screens. Our wide range of beautiful handmade rattans are available by the metre and are the largest rattan suppliers in Australia. We also offer bespoke designs options should you want.


Woven together tightly, closed weave panels are well suited to privacy screens, celling panels and furniture paneling. These weaves not only add texture to a room, they also bring an organic element that can help elevate the overall design.


Playing with negative space, our open weave designs can be used in screening, open joinery panels or as a design element. Smaller open styles work well in classic wicker furniture designs, as they can effectively support weight and are surprisingly flexible.


Available in a variety of textured patterns, including horizontal, vertical and herringbone, our woven panels are constructed from premium bamboo slices. This form for bamboo is commonly used in commercial bars and exhibitions to create rustic, tropical themes with a natural contemporary look.


Our Mission

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials in the world. It is fast growing, self-regenerating, produces 35% more oxygen and captures up to 4 times more carbon than the equivalent number of trees. 

By choosing bamboo, you are helping us achieve our goals to support sustainable construction, restore our environment and improve world biodiversity. 

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