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Palm Fibre

Experience the beauty and sustainability of Palm Fibre Rolls, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. These hand-crafted rolls made from superior quality, organic palm leaves, provide a welcoming and stylish ambiance while offering exceptional insulation and acoustic properties. 

Transform Your Home and Commercial Spaces with Sustainable Palm Fibre Rolls

Palm Fibre is a contemporary alternative to traditional thatching, providing a beautiful textural addition to ceilings, walls or wherever it is used.

Favoured by some of the leading luxury hotels around the world, this thick rolled leaf material creates a very “Zen” feeling, providing both warmth and a sense of movement. It is also highly desirable for use in residential settings to achieve the same effect under a pergola roof, in a boathouse or cabana area.

Palm fibre is a highly effective acoustic material, that is able to both reduce reverberation and dampen down noises, absorbing and muffling sounds. For this reason, it is often specified by architects and designers alike for areas which have many hard surfaces or are excessively noisy to soften and insulate them. You will see palm fibre used in restaurants, hotels, offices and libraries wherever there is a need to reduce echo and improve speech intelligibility.

Created from high quality palm leaves rolled into thick shafts and bound together with strong, clear nylon (soon with recycled nylon), palm fibre is available in 2400mm long rolls. It is quick and easy to install.  

Palm fibre is a natural product and as such, each roll is unique in both colour and texture. The leaves are sustainably sourced from South East Asia and our palm fibre has achieved Global GreenTag Platinum Health Rating and Global GreenTag Level C rating.

Use them as a wall or ceiling covering for a unique and contemporary look. Achieve a natural, textural addition to your space while also being eco-friendly with Palm Fibre Rolls.

Key elements:

  • Suitable for interior and exterior areas
  • High insulation and acoustic properties
  • Great for sound studios, hospitality venues and residential makeovers
  • Lightweight, for quick and easy installation
  • Comes in rolls ready for use
  • Durable with a long lifespan

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