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The bamboo paper crossword puzzle Melbourne Design Show - ArchiBuild 2023 - issue 1

Crossword Puzzle | The Bamboo Paper ISSUE #1

Decipher the Clues Listed Below


1  What do both sugar cane and bamboo produce? (5)

3 Which layer in the earth’s stratosphere absorbs most of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation? (5)

7 What type of animal relies heavily on bamboo for its diet? (5)

10 What is the term for a region characterized by low rainfall where bamboo can still thrive? (4)

11- What is the abbreviation for the business communication term meaning an organization is interested in providing goods or services? (3)

12- Bamboo cultivation supports this by leaving 75% of the forest intact. (12)

13- One type of biofuel that bamboo can produce. (3)

14- An essential element for plant photosynthesis. (3)

17- How much waste is generated throughout the lifecycle of bamboo? (4)

18- What are the above-ground sections of a bamboo plant that produce new growth called? (6)

20- What can you make by twisting together bamboo fibers? (4)

22- What is a hot drink made by infusing the dried crushed leaves of bamboo in boiling water? (3)

23- Bamboo is an example of this type of resource due to its rapid growth and sustainable harvesting. (9)

26- Which volcanic rock makes up more than 90% of all volcanic rock on Earth? (6)

27- What is the term for the science or practice of planting, managing, and caring for plantations? (8)


2- Which family of plants does bamboo belong to? (5)

3- Natural, without synthetic chemicals, perhaps like a farmer’s produce? (7)

4- What role does bamboo play in cleaning soil and water? (6)

5- What is the name of the plant known for its rapid growth, strength, and versatility? (6)

6- There are over 1,000 of these pertaining to bamboo, including differing sizes, colors, and uses. (7) 

8- What can bamboo be converted into for thermal and electrical purposes? (9)

9- Another term for creeping rootstalk. (8)

15- What separates the hollow sections of bamboo culms into compartments? (5)

16- What is an essential resource for bamboo growth and storage during rainy seasons? (5)

19- What are common gemstones found in Australia? (5)

20- What are the cylindrical shapes called that are used for transporting and storing rattan? (5)

21- What is a term for a flattened green outgrowth from the stem of a plant? (4)

24- One way to consume bamboo. (3)

25- Bamboo helps clean this, in addition to purifying water and soil. (3)

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