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Pickleball, plunge pools & bamboo… an unlikely trio

Since the pandemic, we’ve started to value our outdoor spaces even more. They’ve become more than just areas for relaxation; they’re now used for all sorts of activities. This has led to some unusual but interesting mixtures of features in our outdoor spaces. With a shift from single-focused themes, the emergence of unconventional combinations has become evident. Pickleball courts and plunge pools are replacing large swimming pools and tennis courts, transforming our outdoor spaces in surprising, yet exciting and enjoyable ways.

The Rise of Multi-Purpose Spaces

Outdoor living spaces have undergone a significant transformation, breaking free from their traditional roles and embracing multi-purpose functionality. These spaces are no longer confined to a single purpose but have evolved into flexible and adaptable areas that cater to a wide range of activities.

Australia has witnessed the rise of a new sport that is poised to influence future residential design: Pickleball. With courts approximately one-third the size of tennis courts, Pickleball is perfectly suited for backyards, allowing homeowners to enjoy the game without requiring a massive space commitment. Incorporating a pickleball court into a property still requires ample space and competes with other hardscape elements like swimming pools.

There has been a heightened appreciation for private outdoor spaces. Homeowners now seek flexible and multi-purpose areas that can accommodate various activities. This shift in preference has led to the popularity of smaller “plunge” pools as an alternative to larger swimming pools. These plunge pools offer the opportunity for a refreshing dip while maximizing the available outdoor space.

The trio of pickleball, plunge pools, and bamboo perfectly aligns with this growing trend of versatile outdoor spaces. By combining these elements, homeowners can optimize their outdoor areas, incorporating diverse features that cater to different events and preferences while still maintaining functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Natural Bamboo Screening

One way to delineate different areas within your outdoor space is by utilizing natural bamboo poles or engineered bamboo screens. By employing these screening elements, you can create distinct zones for various activities, ensuring privacy while maintaining an organic and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Bamboo Decking for Flexibility

Bamboo decking provides an excellent alternative to traditional wood or composite materials. Its strength and durability make it an ideal choice for constructing smaller, more flexible decking areas. By incorporating bamboo decking, you can create versatile platforms that can be easily adapted to suit different purposes, whether it’s lounging, entertaining, or engaging in recreational activities.

Bamboo Fencing for Plunge Pools

Bamboo fencing presents a unique solution for making your plunge pool compliant with safety regulations while retaining a natural and tranquil ambiance. Bamboo’s inherent strength and resistance to moisture make it a reliable material for enclosing plunge pools. By using bamboo fencing, you can ensure the safety of your pool area while infusing it with a touch of exotic charm.

As our outdoor living spaces continue to evolve and cater to a multitude of purposes, bamboo remains a steadfast companion in this journey. Its versatility, eco-friendliness, and aesthetic appeal make it an excellent addition to the trio of pickleball, plunge pools, and bamboo. Whether it’s creating boundaries with bamboo screening, constructing flexible decking areas with bamboo decking, or ensuring compliance and beauty with bamboo fencing, this resilient grass holds the potential to transform our gardens into multi-purpose retreats. So, as you reimagine and redefine your outdoor spaces, consider the unlikely trio of pickleball, plunge pools, and bamboo—a combination that adds charm, functionality, and sustainability to your outdoor oasis.

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