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Special Recognition at esteemed MECLA Innovative Building Materials Challenge

It is with immense pride and great honour that we announce House of Bamboo, under the leadership of our CEO Jennifer Snyders, has been recognized at the esteemed MECLA Innovative Building Materials Challenge! This achievement is crucial to our ongoing journey to redefine sustainable construction.

The joy of our win was further heightened as we proudly shared this commendation with Klara Marosszeky of Hemp Masonry Pty Ltd, Australia. This joint success is a testament to the limitless potential and transformative capacity of sustainable and innovative building materials.

On August 17, 2023, MECLA held a ground-breaking event illuminating the path to revolutionary building materials. Led by Hudson Worsley, MECLA’s esteemed President, this extraordinary event has been a focal point for architects, contractors, investors and builders, who came together to explore the latest developments in building materials. 

During the event, 7 finalists were first selected from 21 high-tech construction materials.

These were:

1.George ReinkeReynard Wood

2.Marcus DaweMCI Carbon

3. Tom WattsXLAM

4. Klara MarosszekyAustralian Hemp Masonry

5. Christopher StandingMST bar

6. Jennifer Snyders House of Bamboo

7. Cathy InglisBrickworks

Then each of the finalists was allowed to present their product. In her speech, CEO Jennifer Snyders highlighted the extraordinary potential of bamboo as a bio-based material and a complement to wood. Jennifer underlined the importance of understanding the unique properties of the bamboo plant to ensure optimum use. Bamboo’s rapid growth rate, oxygen production and impressive carbon sequestration position it as an ecologically positive choice. Jennifer also emphasized that the natural regeneration of bamboo is a crucial factor in preserving biodiversity and ensuring a stable supply flow that eliminates the need for deforestation. 

Certified by the Global Green Tag, our carbon-negative engineered bamboo resonated deeply with the panel of judges while shedding light on the transformative potential of sustainable building solutions.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the panel composed of distinguished jury members, who were:

1.Trevor Folsom, Co-Founder and President of Investible

2. Alice Cahill, NSW government’s Director of Clean Economy Investments

3. Georgina North, Laing O’Rourke Head of Technology and Innovation

4. Monica Richter, MECLA Project Director

Thanks to Laing O’Rourke for the courtesy of hosting this prestigious event at Sydney headquarters. The event combined 70 carefully selected field attendees with an online audience of nearly 300.

This achievement not only highlights House of Bamboo‘s unwavering commitment but also demonstrates an appreciation of the broader industry shift towards sustainability and innovations that promote environmental stewardship.

We express our deepest gratitude to our outstanding team, our unwavering supporters and the entire MECLA community who embraced our vision and pushed us towards this important achievement.

In addition to this honour, we are pleased to announce that our win comes with a tangible reward: an exhibition stand at Sydney Build 2024 held at the International Convention Center on 1 and 2 May 2024 will provide us with a platform to showcase our leading products to a wider audience and will further strengthen our impact on the sustainable construction industry.

CEO Jennifer Snyders Presents MECLA Innovative Building Materials Challenge: House of Bamboo

You can view the event here:

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