Australia’s largest supplier of certified engineered bamboo and rattan.

Enjoy resort stays every day, at home

Are you yearning for the luxury and relaxation of a resort getaway but find yourself unable to escape the daily grind? Look no further – House of Bamboo is here to turn your home into a perpetual staycation destination, ensuring you can savor the ambiance of a resort every single day.

Picture this: your garden, a lush sanctuary reminiscent of Bali, secluded and serene. How? With bamboo rod screens and poles that effortlessly create a private oasis. The verdant tranquillity will make you forget you’re in your backyard and transport you to the tranquil landscapes of Indonesia.

As you step into your backyard, imagine the azure allure of Santorini surrounding your pool. Thanks to our elegant engineered bamboo privacy screens, pool fencing, or shading solutions, you’ll feel like you’ve just entered a luxurious Mediterranean retreat.

To add a touch of the exotic, consider a Palm Fiber pagola or pavilion in your garden – an instant escape to the tropical paradise of Fiji. The natural materials will harmonize with your surroundings, creating a seamless fusion of comfort and style.

For a taste of cosmopolitan chic, relax on rattan seating that effortlessly transports you to the vibrant streets of Singapore. The allure of the East, right in the heart of your home – a perfect blend of comfort and cultural sophistication.

Imagine dining under the stars in an al fresco area surrounded by woven bamboo panels. The ambiance is distinctly international, as if you’re enjoying a meal in a faraway locale every night. Let the surroundings whisk you away while you savor the flavors of home with an exotic twist.

The possibilities are boundless with House of Bamboo. Our array of sustainable, natural products can transform every corner of your home into a unique staycation destination. Your residence might become so appealing that friends and family will want to keep a spot – who knows, you might even need to start taking bookings!

Discover the myriad ways House of Bamboo can turn your home into a haven of relaxation and sophistication. Embrace the art of staycation living and relish the feeling of being on vacation, right in the comfort of your own home.

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