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Join Us at the Design Show | ArchiBuild Expo | Kitchen + Bath Show

Date: June 13 – 15, 2024

Location: Networking Hub + Sustainability Bar ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour

The Arc of Sustainability: Bridging Innovations and Traditions

In a remarkable fusion of tradition and innovation, Design Show | ArchiBuild Expo | Kitchen + Bath Show showcases the stunning “Arc of Sustainability” at the Network Hub + Sustainability Bar, visually captivating installations that promises to take every visitor on a journey from the natural serenity of bamboo forests to the innovative frontiers of architectural materials.

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Designed as a diagonal arc that gracefully traverses the network hub and sustainability bar, these installations begins in the calm ambiance of a bamboo forest. Representing both the origins of traditional materials and the sustainable ethos of bamboo, the journey along the arc reveals a transformation into a breathtaking display of modern architectural prowess.

The raw, natural bamboo poles gradually evolve into an architectural spectacle crafted from Global GreenTag certified materials, exemplifying the pinnacle of sustainable building materials. These are not just any materials but ones that hold a platinum health rating and emit zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), ensuring they contribute positively to both environmental and human health.

As visitors progress, they will encounter the centerpiece of the installation: an awe-inspiring waterfall-like cascade of engineered cross-laminated bamboo. Supported by robust glued laminated (glulam) structural beams, the arc rises majestically, culminating in a curtain of 5.8 meters long bamboo battens, each precisely sliced to 10 mm. This isn’t just an architectural feat; it’s a symbol of life, goodness, and the beauty of a world built on sustainable principles.

House of Bamboo, under the leadership of CEO Jennifer Snyders, is proud to sponsor the Sustainability Bar and Networking Hub at this pivotal event. Join us for an enlightening panel session with Global GreenTag at ArchiBuild this Saturday, June 15th. Discover how product certifications contribute to healthier and more sustainable projects. Get insights on applying and recording certified product information right from the start.

Jennifer Snyders will discuss the critical role of sustainable materials like bamboo in modern architecture.

Don’t Miss the Panel Discussion at ArchiBuild!

Speaker: BScArch Jennifer Snyders, CEO of House of Bamboo

Session Details: Join us for an engaging panel session hosted by Global GreenTag at ArchiBuild, where we will explore the impact of product certifications on healthier and more sustainable projects. Gain practical insights on how to effectively apply and manage certified product information from the outset.

Date & Time: June 15, 2024, from 12:30 PM to 1:10 PM

Location: Theatre Two, ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour

We look forward to seeing you there for an enlightening discussion!

Join us at ArchiBuild 2024 to witness this spectacular journey of sustainability — where technology meets tradition, and future generations are the foremost beneficiaries.

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