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Boho Chic Bamboo Screens Pergola on Bondi Rooftop

Bondi Rooftop

Balinese has become a much sought-after indoor outdoor style thanks to its calming and tropical vibe. Bali is the world’s 6th biggest producer of bamboo, excelling in the production of sturdy bamboo poles and handcrafted woven panels and rattan. Designers created a Balinese style look through bamboo poles shading. Bamboo poles and slatscan be mixed and matched in differing diameters and colours to create an endless variety of looks. Being a natural product, they will fade to a gorgeous silver-grey colour, depending on how exposed they are to the sun. They can also split in some places, but this does not affect their structural integrity and for some, the splitting only adds to their authentic natural character. Bamboo poles comes in lengths of 3000mm or 4000mm. Diameters available including 20-30mm, 30-40mm, 40-50mm, 50-60mm, 60-70mm and 80-90mm. They come either natural or carbonised and can be painted or stained any colour. We carry large stocks of bamboo poles and can deliver Australia-wide.

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Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia


Boho Chic Bamboo Screens Pergola on Bondi Rooftop
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