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Contemporary Waterfront Property With Bamboo Cladding

Contemporary Waterfront Villa

Cutting-edge, modern design meets natural materials in Sydney’s seaside suburbs. When the owner of this expansive home in Sydney’s Oyster Bay started working on the build, he wanted to explore the possibility of including environmentally friendly materials without compromising on function or design. He decided to champion bamboo in various ways throughout his waterfront property. To add depth and warmth to exterior and interior wall and ceiling panels, and doors he used Noosa Engineered Bamboo cladding, which also added sophistication to the property. In the outside kitchen, the joinery was designed using Noosa battens, and two levels below, on the water’s edge, the boathouse features woven bamboo to evoke a tropical, relaxed feel. This house is an example of how bamboo is being reinterpreted in modern builds in Australia. Chosen for its sustainable credentials, it is comparable in cost to traditional building materials. Incorporating bamboo into architecture and design is a growing trend in Australia, and this gorgeous home showcases what is possible with a natural and sustainable material like bamboo.

The owners of this stunning waterfront villa wanted to utilise sustainable materials in their project and chose to use bamboo over timber for the exterior cladding of the property. House of Bamboo® worked with their architect and designer to develop a bespoke batten ceiling concept that was beautifully executed by their builder. This home is a beautiful example of how you can blend contemporary design with natural elements. Its location exposed to light and water enhances the warm tones of the engineered bamboo and showcases the rich natural ambience you can achieve with this material.

Noosa engineered bamboo battens, Cello cladding and woven bamboo panels

Project Type

Oyster Bay, NSW, Australia

Architect & Designer
Couvaras Architects Sally Farrugia

Bakker Built

Dorsen Creative

Contemporary Waterfront Property With Bamboo Cladding
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