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Bamboo Poles

Create beautiful designs with our bamboo poles, available in a wide range of lengths and diameters (please note diameters are only approximate).

Bamboo poles may split which is a natural feature of the material but does not impact its structural integrity.

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Our Bamboo poles come in various lengths and diameters that allow your imagination to run wild.

Combine bamboo poles with exposed beams to give your ceiling a sense of rustic ambience. Use singularly as highlights to break up large, flat uninspiring spaces. Bring a more natural, organic feel to your garden by lining them over existing translucent shading.

Bamboo is a natural product and a feature of bamboo is that some poles may split and can fade to a gorgeous silver-grey colour depending on exposure to sun. Most cracking is caused by pressure difference of the air trapped between the nodes and the outside air.
It is less of a concern in humid areas; the dryer the climate, the more likely it is to crack. Please note that splitting and cracking does not change the structural characteristics of the bamboo and is more common in larger poles than smaller poles. Cracking or splitting is a feature of bamboo and adds to the natural look of the product.


Every piece of bamboo is different, that’s nature’s guarantee. It should be noted that bamboo is a natural material & variations will occur in colour, texture, grain width & natural features within the same batch of the same bamboo species. In all cases bamboo supplied by House of Bamboo will contain some variations from job to job & sample to sample. All samples are to be viewed only as indicative only.