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Battens and Slatted Screens – SeaChange Series®

Stylish and sustainable, these battens and screens are perfect for shading, screening, fencing and cladding.

Dimensions: Height/Length x Width x Depth

Products are available with coating (Clear, Teak or Black) or no coating (Raw)

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Create innovative and imaginative designs with these smart and stylish battens or use our pre-made screens.

Our SeaChange Series® allows you to select your level of privacy based on the design and spacing of the bamboo battens.

Key elements:

  • Pre-made open-slatted screens

  • 8mm or 20mm spacing between battens

  • Lightweight for easy installation

  • Interior and exterior

  • Pre-oiled with premium Woca oil

  • FSC Certified

Our engineered laminated bamboo holds Global GreenTag Level A and Platinum Health Ratings, guaranteeing sustainable manufacturing practices and non-toxicity.


Every piece of bamboo is different, that’s nature’s guarantee. It should be noted that bamboo is a natural material & variations will occur in colour, texture, grain width & natural features within the same batch of the same bamboo species. In all cases bamboo supplied by House of Bamboo will contain some variations from job to job & sample to sample. All samples are to be viewed only as indicative only.