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Woven Bamboo Panels


Woven panels have a beautifully textured finish available in a variety of warm and attractive designs. The panels are handwoven using various sized and textured strips to create intricate designs.

 Traditionally used in Asian and Polynesian cultures, woven panels perfectly suit a modern aesthetic and blend beautifully with contemporary designs, for both residential and commercial spaces.

Dimensions: Length x Width/Height x Depth

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Ideal for ceiling panels, feature panels, wall treatments, our woven bamboo panels bring a sense of natural style wherever they are used.

They are intricately handmade using thin strips of bamboo: the bamboo is cleaned, split into fine strips and then weaved into a range of different patterns including horizontal, vertical and herringbone. All the panels are unique as each is handmade and presents a natural textural look.

Popular in bars and restaurants to create a rustic, tropical or geometric look, bamboo woven panels are sure to turn your walls and ceilings into statement pieces. Chosen as a complement to exposed beams in ceilings, bamboo woven panels bring a sense of discrete elegance and sophistication to any room.

Traditionally used in Asian and Polynesian culture,  they add an exotic touch to any design and blend beautifully with contemporary elements for a modern aesthetic.


Bamboo woven ply is susceptible to mould when exposed to moisture.  To protect against this, the panels need to be coated with a sealant, (clear poly- carbonate) on both sides prior to installation.

If you notice black spots, this means there is moisture on the panel. Apply a mould remover and then coat the panel. Test in a small area first to ensure there is no discoloration.