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Symphony Series®

Our Symphony collection of fine quality engineered bamboo offers you fantastic scope for a number of creative solutions around your projects. 

Fine Quality Engineered Bamboo Cladding

They come in 3 different styles each with their own unique attributes:

  • Cello Series – Ribbed/Slatted Look Cladding
  • Concerto Series – Scalloped/Flat Cladding
  • Opera Series – Acoustic Panels

Cello 1 has a regular pattern that is identical on both sides, while Cello 2 and Cello 3, have an irregular pattern, giving you two different designs on each side and allowing you greater design flexibility.

They are popular in many indoor and outdoor applications and particularly desirable when used to create a seamless flow between the inside and outside of your home. 

A ceiling for an alfresco dining area that extends into a casual living area for example. Or you may wish to create a pool fence, an outdoor bbq area or kitchen, wherever you want a stylish but relaxed look and feel, the Symphony collection is on song.

Meanwhile our Concerto engineered bamboo panels feature a scalloped look on one side and a sheer flat surface on the other, giving you an unlimited range of design options.

You can alternate the panels to create a varying pattern.

A Concerto wall in vertical, horizontal or even herringbone patterns makes a great acoustic solution. Bamboo naturally absorbs sound meaning it is not only beautiful but functional as well.

However you style your feature Concerto wall, you will have a look that is both elegant and yet natural.

Commercially, all our Symphony Series of Engineered Bamboo are popular with architects and designers wanting to create a stylish but informal natural look. Wall cladding, reception areas or booths in restaurants, health spas, retail spaces that have a natural organic focus.

Being lightweight and easy to install, Symphony panels are as relaxing to work with as the environment they create. But being hardwearing they have a similar lifespan to hardwoods, without, of course, the environmental impact that cutting down native forests create.

They can be cut to any length or width you desire and can either be installed vertically or horizontally. (To comply with pool safety requirements Cello panels must be installed vertically for pool fences.)

Like all our engineered bamboo products, the Symphony collection comes pre-oiled with premium quality WOCA oil so they are ready to use both indoors and outdoors.

And of course, all our Engineered Bamboo products have a Global GreenTag Level A rating and are rated as Platinum Health, meaning their low environmental impact makes them a much preferred alternative to native or tropical hardwoods, which are fast disappearing.

Key elements:

  • Choose Cello for a slat-style but solid ribbed look  
  • Choose Concerto for an alternating scalloped/flat look
  • Both designs offer complete privacy
  • Unique and innovative designs
  • Easy installation – simply screw on or use builder’s glue
  • A wise choice for our planet – eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Pre-oiled with premium Woca Oil – colour options available
  • Beautiful installed either vertically or horizontally

Some of the photos are inspirational and don’t represent our products.

Every piece of bamboo is different, that’s nature’s guarantee. It should be noted that bamboo is a natural material & variations will occur in colour, texture, grain width
& natural features within the same batch of the same bamboo species. In all cases bamboo supplied by House of Bamboo will contain some variations from job to job
& sample to sample. All samples are to be viewed only as indicative only.

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