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Bamboo Quiz

Things you never knew…

about bamboo.


Did you know Thomas Edison used a carbonised bamboo filament in the world’s first light globe? Or that the idea for fire crackers came from the fact that when bamboo burns, the air trapped inside each section explodes?


Maybe you did know that bamboo plants can actually cool the air around them by up to 8% in summer. Or that clumping bamboo plants purify the air around them by 30% more than other plants.


But this piece of bamboo trivia will surely blow your mind, like it did ours.


Bamboo plants rarely flower or seed (only about every 100 years or so). But when they do, every single plant of the same species will all flower together at exactly the same time, all over the world!


Why not amaze your friends with a bamboo trivia night? Hey, why can’t saving the planet, be fun too!

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