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Unleashing Australia’s Bamboo Potential: Jennifer Snyders to Speak at First European Bamboo Expo in Germany

We are very proud to announce that Jennifer Snyders, CEO of House of Bamboo, will be speaking at the First European Expo in Germany on “The Story from Down Under: Unleashing Australia’s Bamboo Potential.”

Harnessing Bamboo for Mining Rehabilitation and Circular Economy in Australia

In her presentation, Jennifer will explore the untapped potential of bamboo in Australia, a nation blessed with diverse climate conditions and unique landscapes. She will delve into her personal journey of discovery, revealing the astonishing capabilities of bamboo and the innovative opportunities it presents.

Revolutionizing Sustainable Development through Bamboo Innovation 

Jennifer’s speech will highlight House of Bamboo’s mission to promote sustainable development through bamboo. She will showcase Australia’s native bamboo species and the over 200 additional species already thriving in the country, emphasizing the potential for nationwide growth and harvest.

Integrating bamboo into the timber industry

By connecting bamboo to the existing timber industry, Jennifer will outline a vision for the future, where Cross Laminated Timber facilities can pivot to processing bamboo during their downtime, producing Cross Laminated Bamboo and Glulam with minimal modifications.

Gain insight into the Untapped Potential of Bamboo in Sustainable Development

Jennifer’s speech is a must-see for anyone interested in sustainable development and innovative solutions. We are thrilled to have her represent House of Bamboo and share her expertise with the international audience.

If you are attending the First European Expo in Germany, we invite you to come and hear Jennifer Snyders, CEO of House of Bamboo, speak on “Unleashing Australia’s Bamboo Potential.” This is a rare opportunity to gain insight into the untapped potential of bamboo in sustainable development.

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