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Albert Park Hotel

House of Bamboo proudly contributed to the extensive renovation of the historic Albert Park Hotel in Melbourne, a project that beautifully preserved the venue’s character while infusing it with contemporary flair. Our handmade rattan open cane was chosen for its natural aesthetics and sustainability, skillfully integrated into the venue’s interior design by Six Degrees Architects. This choice underscores House of Bamboo’s commitment to providing environmentally responsible materials that do not compromise on quality or style. The rattan open cane webbing is prominently featured on the upper levels of the hotel, harmonizing with the delicate paper lanterns and enhancing the visual warmth of the space, thus maintaining the building’s iconic charm while offering a fresh, modern touch. At House of Bamboo, we specialize in supplying sustainable solutions that embrace both innovation and tradition. The artisan rattan open cane webbing used at the hotel not only complements the architectural heritage but also contributes to the overall ambiance, aligning seamlessly with the elegant yet rustic decor envisioned by the designers.

Rattan Open Cane Webbing

Project Type

85 Dundas Place Albert Park VIC 3206, Australia

Six Degrees Architects and stylist Anna Roberts

Builder | Installer
Visioneer Builders and Mentes Joinery – Frank Mentes

Simon Shiff

House of Bamboo