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Clarke & Humel Office

Situated at the gateway to Manly beach, Squillace Architects has masterfully designed the luxurious beachfront headquarters for Northern Beaches real estate agency, Clarke & Humel. This prime location offers expansive views of the coastline, seamlessly integrated into the design to enhance the luxurious feel of the space. The design aims to transcend traditional commercial office environments, offering an elevated yet relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of a sophisticated beachside residence. This ambiance is achieved through thoughtful choices in materials, layout, and lighting, all inspired by the natural beauty of the adjacent beach and rolling waves. House of Bamboo proudly supplied the engineered bamboo wall and rattan ceiling cladding, a key element in the project that complements the other high-quality materials used. These choices contribute to a warm and inviting environment, reflecting the textures and tones found in the natural surroundings. The final design not only meets the client’s vision but also sets a new standard for commercial spaces in the area, blending functionality with the serene and welcoming essence of a home.

SeaChange Engineered Batten Wall Claddings and Rattan with bamboo Frames

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Manly, NSW, Australia

Squillace Architects

House of Bamboo, Squillace Architects

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