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Marvel Stadium | Stadium Square | Amphora Melbourne

ENGINEERED BAMBOO CEILING PROJECT Amphora, located within the iconic Marvel Stadium’s Stadium Square, showcases a pioneering ceiling feature created using custom-engineered bamboo beams. This project, spearheaded by the innovative team at House of Bamboo, is part of a major riverside revitalization effort, enhancing Melbourne’s architectural landscape while promoting sustainable practices. It represents a shift from traditional materials to engineered bamboo, setting new standards in eco-friendly architecture. Amphora Melbourne combines luxury with sustainability in a dynamic dining environment. Using bamboo, a highly renewable resource, underscores our commitment to environmental stewardship and meets the high-end aesthetic demands of the venue. This ceiling is not just an architectural element but a statement of our dedication to pushing the boundaries of design and advocating for sustainability without compromising luxury.

Curved Bamboo Beams | Custom-Engineered Bamboo Ceiling

Project Type

Amphora Marvel Stadium 740 Bourke St Docklands Stadium Square Gate 3 Level 2 MELBOURNE

Architect | Designer
Hachem Architects & Interiors.

Builder | Installer
Plan Group


House of Bamboo