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Bronte Residence

Design Tribe Projects has crafted a residential masterpiece with their Bronte project, characterized by its minimalist and seamlessly integrated facade. Featuring House of Bamboo’s Seachange Series Torquay screens that provide both functionality and aesthetic finesse. Complemented by custom-made engineered battens with a whitewash oil finish, the entrance radiates a natural and soft allure. The result is a serene and natural privacy screening, exuding a soft and inviting ambience that harmonizes effortlessly with the coastal surroundings. The thoughtful combination of materials and finishes reflects an impeccable attention to detail, elevating the overall design to a level of timeless elegance.

Battens and Slatted Screens – SeaChange Series®

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Bronte, NSW, Australia

Design Tribe Projects

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House of Bamboo

House of Bamboo