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Showroom Transformation

House of Bamboo® has been operating in Botany for 50 years. Last year, CEO Jennifer Snyders started an ambitious renovation to fully transform the humble office into a state of the art showroom to showcase the real possibilities bamboo can offer in design.

Design brief interpretation and response:
The idea was to showcase the versatility of bamboo from its traditional applications and form to highly developed engineered solutions across a modern context. To achieve this, the space was divided into three rooms, each dedicated to a Collection: Organic (for bamboo poles, screens and Natureed), Textured (for rattan and woven bamboo panels) and Contemporary (for bamboo timber cladding, screening, flooring etc). Jennifer also wanted the new space to be informative and educate visitors about the benefits of the natural materials on display which led her to design a user experience inspired by museums.

Our progressive approach to architecture and design:
The 2020 bushfires and COVID-19 supply chain issues led to an unprecedented timber shortage that is impacting projects globally. By using bamboo timber instead of traditional hardwoods, this project showcases how bamboo can provide a durable and sustainable alternative to timber and has the potential to revolutionise the industry for the better.

How we truly stand-out:
The fact that bamboo has been used throughout the design as a construction material is unique for a project of this size. Far from being a showroom where materials are on display, the materials ARE the showroom. Walls, ceilings, floors and cabinetry are clad in various natural materials to give visitors a taste of what they could look like in their own projects. It’s an immersive experience where the products are everywhere you look.

Best-practice sustainability principles:
Bamboo is one of the world’s most sustainable materials. It grows in as little as 5 years as opposed to 30 to 80 years for trees and naturally regenerates without the need to uproot and replant. It produces 35% more oxygen and stores up to 4 times more carbon than trees. All engineered bamboo products in our Contemporary Collection received the two highest certifications from Global GreenTag: a GreenRate Level A and a Platinum Health rating guaranteeing sustainable manufacturing processes and non-toxicity.

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Botany, NSW, Australia

Laminated Bamboo Panels and Veneers Display
House of Bamboo Showroom - Rattan Room - Widest Variety of Rattan in Australia
Architectural Feature Wall Designed With Fine-Ribbed Bamboo Cladding
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