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Bamboo Used As a Replacement for Timber in Woolworths Stores

Woolworths Glenrose

As part of their continued mission to grow toward a greener future, Woolworths Food Group has included bamboo in the design of their new Health & Wellness concept in Glenrose, NSW. Flat laminated bamboo panels and three hundred engineered bamboo battens from House of Bamboo® were meticulously used throughout the department. Jessica Leckie, Industrial Designer at Woolworths Food Group has been instrumental in the push for bamboo for this specific store. “When selecting finishes for this concept, we endeavoured to communicate our brand values. As a renewable resource, bamboo is aligned with our mission to contribute to a sustainable future and it aligns with our Health & Wellness customers’ values. The use of this material also aligns with the increased use of bamboo we are seeing in health and beauty accessories such as bamboo toothbrushes, gloves, combs, etc.” The engineered bamboo panels and battens used in this design received the two highest certifications delivered by Global GreenTag, the key certifying body for sustainably manufactured materials: a GreenRate Level A which guarantees the product was manufactured in the most sustainable way possible, and a Health Product Description Platinum which certifies the product is non-toxic and can be used for health care and aged care applications.

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Glenrose, NSW, Australia

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Bamboo Used As a Replacement for Timber in Woolworths Stores
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